Friday, May 8, 2009


 picture courtesy:internet

The social ropes tie her tight
And she cries in vain for all these days.
She can sight only wolves,
Ready to prey upon her youth!
Or the ghosts of some scary customs
Torturing her throughout her life!
She is not the lonely prisoner
Of those dark traditions and narrow minds,
But hers is the most deadly fate
Curbed is her motherhood everywhere-
Inflicted is upon the mother of happiness
Endless misery,suffering and pain.
Had there been leaders of all time,
To check this evil tide,but
The most cruelest of minds,
Denies the smile of our brethren.
Oh listen! burn the ropes of her captivity!
Let she, the freedom herself,
wake up to a new dawn, to make the world glow in joy!

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