Thursday, May 7, 2009


 picture courtesy:internet

I see a dream in the eyes of every girl,
just the same, as in my eyes!
The dream, not for the riches or the land,
not even for a dole of bread,
But, for the day to live her life.
To live her life would mean
'She want to' than 'She ought to' !
Every new day comes with a fresh flower's scent,
the scent of happiness she had longed!
If every man could rise for a sis,
I'm sure, that day would come, for her to dream!
Oh my friend, who reads these words
'you' are the hero of dream!
In her dream, you did slay,
those scary wolves in human skins!
Never you had a name in her dream,
but, she had seen the 'brother' in you!
Oh listen! it is a prayer in dire need,
in the need of a wave of change.
I want that great wave to lash through-
the shores of the life of every girl!

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