Thursday, May 7, 2009


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May I ask it the thousandth time,
that question repeated over the ages,
just pouring out answers every time.
Now I ask,"Do you love?"
Everyone just claims to love-
the bonds of love are tighter- it is said!
But the weapons too are on their race,
with the fierce minds that fight the wars
the rain of tears pouring out itself,
from the eyes of those widowsof wars,
from those of childless mothers
and motherless children!
Is this what you 'love' more and more?
There are the old, who are on the streets.
For, neither the kith nor the kin want them 'in' !
Just like those mushrooms of a thunderstorm
rises those old-age homes,
good or bad, no one can say!
Yet we claim,"We love more everyday"!
For those who curse on those terrorist minds
just think, as often as you can,
Are they of those love-lost minds
or of those lives doomed with
endless misery,suffering and pain?
Only if we could 'love' them atleast once
they would bear the torches of eternal light!
Everyone just craves for love,
but never knows the greatest strength of it inside!
For every new morning that come
spread some love, some care,
for, it's our only path
so clear,yet invisible
to that eternal paradise, that of LOVE!

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