Sunday, July 18, 2010


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When the hustle and bustle sets,
When the day comes to an end,
Silence spreads into the lap of darkness.
The time comes, for me, to retreat
Into the world of my own!
Through the doors of my mind wide open
I go there,to be what i am.
For the promises i keep,
For the dreams i live,
No rules bind me tight,
No lessons too hard to learn.
The only reason before me,
The language that my heart speaks.
No complaints, no regrets,
I am, what i am!
I hear the music of silence,
A music that goes forever and ever,
For those ears that listen to.
I see,the beauty of darkness,
Indeed a ‘beauty’ to behold.
When my ears are tuned,
And my eyes fixed, i feel my world
Growing bigger day by day!!

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