Sunday, July 18, 2010


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For all the things of beauty around us,
The world indeed must be a happy place !
But the very same gloom can i see
In all those faces walking through these streets.

The pain of an aching heart,
The wounds of some olden days or
The thoughts of a doomed future
Seems to shadow their days!

Everything does indeed hurt
But for all the beauty around!

I would say,there’s happiness around
But not when man craves for ‘more’!
Perhaps it’s all this greed
That kills the joy in all wonderful hearts.

In those hearts that didn’t ache
Perhaps this did poison even more.
Oh alas! They do not see
The bounty of beauty all around!

The modern man, on a rat race
But not for the pleasures of ‘today’ .
He says,”a day would come,
A day brighter than today!”

Does he fail to see,today is the best day?
Or,does the want of ‘more’ blind his eyes?
Out of the gloom these faces would bloom
When the best moment of life is lived.

And it is just ‘now’!

And ‘now’ would mean,
Not ‘what i want’ but ‘what i have’.
Everything just in place for my need,
Nothing would then suit my greed!

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