Sunday, July 18, 2010


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I wander in the deserts of life
These deserts which i have never been before.
Stretches of sand all around me,
And the red hot sun blazing upon me .
I have been walking for days,
Those days were the years of the journey of my life!
The very first days were good, for
I had that enough of water and food.
The sun grew fiercer day by day
I became the lonely prisoner of heat.
I hadn’t been here for the golden glow
But for the faraway land of joy!
To turn back now, a shameful defeat,
Defeated by the sand and the heat!
All i need is some water to revive my spirits,
To move on to the land of my dreams.
The traveller of life searching in vain
For that little oasis somewhere around.
Oh eternal one! Give me what i want
Or, i may collapse here in the desert of my life!!

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