Wednesday, July 28, 2010


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I heard a weep, a sobbing
It seemed within my hand’s reach.
All around I could see
Nothing but the city bustle.
Everything seemed in a hurry,
It was the race of life that was on.
Each desperate face passing by me
Those eyes gleaming with the desire of life.
Yet they were all too short of time
To sit, think and relax..
I was still standing where I was
The sound of the sob was nearing.
Or was it that it grew louder,
With even the thud of tears falling.
With each thud I felt a pain
That which grew intense with the sob.
Or was it that I was dreaming?
No, the city was still there
Breathing deeply before me!
This city would never be ‘tired’
For it is run by those machines
Made not of iron and steel
But of human blood and flesh.
They work all day and night
Just to survive this life
So much pain behind these eyes
And a heart full of desires!
Yet they all trod the same path,
Weary and proven to be false.
As each of the faces passed by,
I had wanted to ask:
“Why don’t you try the new,
Something that could bring a change.
A change that would last not for years,
But for generations to come!
Teach yourself, not to be a machine
But to be your human self !
Stop a second, to see, to hear
And to think on your own.
Sooner you will see the world around you change
And an immortal pleasure
Seeping into your life!”
The sob drew me out of my trance
The voice which seemed more familiar.
As I listened and I listened,
It was then I realized
The city was weeping,
The one which is so full of
Beauty, pride and fame,
The glory which came with a price-
All, machines to walk through these streets,
Their lives chartered forever and ever!

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