Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Fly

 picture courtesy:internet

Sipping a cup of tea
I sat relaxing on the couch
Being in my student dayss
I could afford this
Rare luxury of being free..
Came an insect flying
And settled beside me.
All I could guess was-
That, it is a fly.
It was lucid and clear,
The fly was in a-
Total state of unrest!
No expressions could I gues
From the poor fly’s face.
It seemed as if
The fly was in a frenzy.
For it was endlessly searching
For some unknown thing
And fluttering
Its wings frantically.
It then flew away
Only to come back
Just after a while.
It returned to the very place
Groping again and again!
Did the fly
know its quest?
Did it ever know
What its heart really wanted?
Or is it that
It never realized its existence?
Perhaps it lived
A life too short
Only to die-
A shameful death.
My heart sank
Soon it was dead
A small kid
Tapped it with a book!
Are we all not-
Turning into such flies?
Those flies which
Fails to understand
The essence of-
Its own existence!
Too busy
To stop, think and reflect.
The business of nothing
That seems to be everything!
Blurred is our sight,
All things of beauty around us.
But still we search,
Though in vain,
Here, there and everywhere.
Like that poor fly,
Which, so often-
Fluttered its wings,
Perhaps to reach out
To the end of no where
Yet all of us,
The travelers of the same path!
All I wish to say
Failing to count,
The years we really ‘live’
It would be too late,
To realise,
The unlucky fate,
Only to die-
A shameful death!

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