Monday, September 13, 2010


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In this world,
Where no promises hold good,
Nobody is happy,
Everybody just pretends to be so!
I don’t mean,
There is no happiness around
But in this hectic life
Nobody sees the real happiness within!

It is a war, today’s life,
The cat-fight for wealth!
How do you call it life,
When there is only agony,
Misery and pain!
‘Relaxing’ on the beaches of Goa,
Your mind wanders at Dalal street!

When money ‘buys’ everything,
Somewhere in the darkness
You lose sight of somethimg,
Which was once called ‘happiness’!

Each time the Stock Index crash,
Each time all your calculations go wrong,
There is a funeral in your heart
Performing the last rites of a
Long lost thing called ‘happiness’!

Why is it we forget that childhood heart,
That tender heart which knew,
Joy is in celebration,
The celebration of beauty all around,
Why is it that we don’t understand,
Happiness lives here, there and everywhere,
In the smallest thing to the biggest one!

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