Monday, September 13, 2010


 picture courtesy:internet

Is innocence her fault?
Her unseeing eyes,
Never could know
The pretensions of this life!

She had been too good,
Much more good
Than good can be..

Angels did sing
When she was born.
The princess of hearts is here
It was told!

She watched the world
With her happy eyes
And everything seemed
So much real and perfect!

Perhaps, that was why
She couldn’t know,
The world is one of
Irony and deception!

She tripped over
The burdens of her life,
She lay there
Crying for help.

But, Oh Alas!
How cruel is the fate,
All deaf ears
That heard her pleas!

Her agony did
Not sting her heart,
But, the bare truth
Shattered it into pieces!

It stood like a monster,
In front of her very eyes
The falsities of everything
She had so-called

A man of letters,
I now see,
The fear in her eyes
And the pain in her heart!

If my verse would
Travel far and wide,
I would ask
‘Is innocence her fault?’

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