Monday, September 13, 2010

A Murder

 picture courtesy:internet

Today morning, it happened
A cold-blooded murder,
In front of my eyes
A murder, so cruel, so brutal!
The sight of which will
Never vanish from my eyes.
Where are those war ethos??
An unarmed foe never should be attacked!
Yet, they did it all to that poor one,
The one who spent his entire life,
In the sevice of mankind.
For no particular reason,
They murdered him,
Just because, they had
Nothing else to do.
Why is it that we all
Raise our voice for all-
Those “Go-Green” campaigns,
But none of us could raise voice
Atleast for that poor old tree
In front of my house
Which was ruthlessly killed-
Today morning
Whose silent presence went unnoticed!
But now, there remains a void
Which may take another
Score of years to be filled!
This is a tribute
To that poor old tree,
Plant a seed today
In memory of our old friend,
Who through his valiant martyrdom
Showed us, big things
Should begin from the smaller ones!!

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