Saturday, October 30, 2010


 picture courtesy:internet

Sitting by the window panes
Wide open, I could see
The roaring rain,
It was nothing odd, in
This season of monsoon.
But the storm was inside me
The rain water gushing
Down the memory lanes!
Amidst the lonely street
I stood, with not
Even an umbrella,
All drenched, wet and soaked!
I walked through those
Empty paths,all alone.
Those vistas of life
Which so long had been
Full of energy and vibrant hue.
But now, it lies barren
Even the rains could
Not sprout a seed!
I stood there, all drenched
In the tears of my life.
Each drop of this rain,
Pierced through me
Like that brahmastra
Devastating me,
Shattering my soul into pieces!
Very small an event,
Too quick its pace,
Left nothing but
Destruction all around,
In my very own universe!
All around, I now see
Ashes, dust and charcoal,
Unhealed wounds and
A burning heart! Today,
When I’m groaning in pain
No medicines soothe me,
Not even this rain that
Washes my heart, body and soul!!

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