Wednesday, November 24, 2010


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I say it bluntly,
I am jealous of you!
I know, envy
A true cardinal sin.
But I commit it not
On my free will.
I am simply
Forever jealous of you.
I do not wish to
Steal away your fortune
Just that,
I wish I could have it too!
My life gave me
The riches of the world,
The luxuries of mankind.
But all that
A human heart craves for
Is nothing but love,
And that too from
The ones who are
The absolute cause
Of your existence.
And I am jealous of you,
For you have them both
But Great is the Lord,
Who spared at least
One of them for me!
I have known,
Doomed is the fate of the one
Who lives with a parted soul,
Groping in vain to find
The better half
Lost somewhere in the
Darkness of life!
You do not realise
How lucky you are,
The love in their hearts
Only for you,
The warmth of their closeness
Who hold you tight
In a lovely embrace.
And that's what I had been longing
For all these years,
A word of love,
A close hug,
A tear of happiness.
But all I have is
A broken soul,
Who struggles hard
To bring me happiness
Even against all the odds of life!
I strongly believe,
That broken heart,
Is the sole reason of my life!
For I know that
Till the very end of my life
I breathe the same air
Which had once run
Through that loving soul.
And hence, in spite of
My envy for you,
I know, I am lucky enough
To give a big smile
Even in this killing pain!

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