Friday, November 12, 2010


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When I lost you
I didn't know
That I lost myself!
Not a single tear
Fell down my cheeks,
I felt blank
The strangeness of everything
Going around me, but
I was then a kid
My childhood heart seemed
To know nothing,
But how did I know
It was making memories
Those dark ones which
Could sting me
In my later days!
I knew not
What pain is,
Books,toys and fun
Meant a whole world to me.
But when thoughts became my life
I knew I was growing up
That was when I noticed
You were missing in my life
And my whole life
Seemed totally empty!
People say,
Time is a doctor
It heals the worst of wounds.
But over the years, I realised
I am in gruesome pain
The grief of separation
Was something more than
All I could bear!
My days seems to be dreary,
All my nights passes in endless pain,
I came to know,
My life is nothing without you..
My silent tears,
My lonely life,
All steeped in horrid pain.
I wish you came back,
Even just for a moment
For you are the only one
Who can put everything right
I would love you
Till the end of the world,
And care for you
In my very own way
I would hold you in my hands
And never let you go,
For, I know now
You are the essence of my life
The cause of my existence
And the only reason why I live!

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