Sunday, December 19, 2010


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The world shares my joys
Being happy is not easy
Especially in the face of joy.
Striding through pain
I find it tough to see
The glorious face of happiness,
But the world even more
Celebrates my pain(!)
For my pain is mine own
Which nobody else would learn,
All private grief
Spent in my solitude!
As I weep silently through,
My words fail
And my beloved ones
Do get me wrong,
And the flames of inferno
Blazing hard within me
Miscounted for stubbornness,
Vanity,anger and pride!
Great is the wisdom of the soul
Which said these words,
“Paper is more patient than man”,
For neither does it feel nor utter,
Unlike all those listening ears,
Which throw me suspicious looks
And harsh words, for
Sullen do they feel
Lending ears to another’s pain
Which they either misunderstand
Or do not understand!
Being one of their kind
I find it easy to learn
What they must feel
With each passing beat in their hearts,
For there is joy in celebration
And celebration in pain.
Though wicked pleasure is this
No one is to blame,
It lies at the core
Of the human psyche.
Still we all pretend
To grieve today,
But forget the next day
And moves on with our lives.
When is it that you forgot,
The essence of sorrows,
Leaving thick scars, which
Neither time nor space may heal.
Deep in some dark corner
The feeling still persists
And I now do know
Nothing would ever change,
For, Life is a celebration
The celebration of pain!

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