Sunday, December 19, 2010


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 Where did I lose
That childhood heart,
The little heart which knew
Happiness forever and ever.
Being a child
I could laugh uncontrollably,
Weep bitterly and be
Away from worldly worries.
But years that passed by
Put burden on my shoulders,
The fetters of relations
Did bind me hard
To the social stage!
They mocked me,teased
And laughed at me,
But I lay there
Helpless in my agony.
These hearts that gave me
Lessons on love,care and affection,
Showed me how cruel
One would ever be
On this earth.
They broke all rules
Of love and passion,
And bothered enough
To push their brethren
Into endless stink.
When I suffocated in the dip pit,
When I could no more bear the stench,
I searched for the way out,
But all around,
There seemed to be eternal darkness.
I searched here and there,
I searched everywhere.
For that single ray of light,
The ray of hope,
That came in through some vent
Perhaps far away, but
Which still seemed to exist.
I searched for the Eternal light
Which could always
Show me the way,
Which would help me
Break free from my fetters.
But my search goes in vain,
The darkness of life
Blinds my eyes.
But I still keep groping
Perhaps some day
Barriers would fall,
Sweet fragrance will spread,
And the light of joy
Will flood our lives
And even if this is an endless quest
I would still keep on searching!

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