Tuesday, December 21, 2010


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Life is like a coin
Tossed over and over,
Sometimes a head
Or else a tail.
We toss many a time
Just to decide,
Whether to live
Or to choose not to.
Seemingly, the decision
Made just by the coin,
Or is it the human psyche
That is at work?
No one makes a fair toss
When emotions matter
And, I am no different!
Audacious are they
Who choose to end their life.
Greater is the audacity-
Of the one who chooses
To challenges his life!
I stumble in the paths of my life,
I climb giddying heights,
I fall into deep pits
Yet I know,
I have a long way to go.
And when the coin was tossed,
No matter whether head or tail,
I chose to ‘live’ my life.
It would be such a shame
To be defeated long before
The destination has come.
Not because I crave
For the Eternal bliss,
But when warm blood
Hushes through my veins
I’m reminded of
The reason of my existence.
It is no pain to face
All the turmoil of life,
But true agony lies
In the heart that aches in love!
And to leave them all
Half-way in life
Would be such a misery, for
Neither do they want me to leave
Nor do I want to stay!
Not because I am fed up
With the bounty of beauty
All around me, for
I no longer can bear
All those grim faces
Which had once been
So rosy and pink,
Now marred with grief
And toiling hard
To make both ends meet.
Yet, I could not choose
To bid farewell
On my own free will
For, greater would be the pain
I may inflict upon them,
Whose eyes are already too dry,
Throat parched and heart-broken,
I would rather prefer
To accept the most cruelest fate,
Than to show them
More cruel facets of life!
Head or tail doesn’t matter
Coins are meant to be tossed
And life’s journey to be lived!

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