Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Today, when I saw him walking by
 I wished, it were you.
Holding his kid’s hands,
A lovely girl of about my age.
They walked merrily home,
Playing pranks all the way long.
They were having fun,
Laughing and giggling throughout.
I stood there still,
Trying hard, not to drop a tear
And wished you were here!

I know, the days have gone by
And nothing can ever bring you back,
Yet, my heart aches to think of you
And of all those fondly cherished memories.

I see them walking past the ice-cream man,
She wears a mischievous smile on her lips
And he knows what exactly she means!
He stops by the vendor-guy,
Speaking softly in an elegant tone,
“Two choco-pies for my young girl”
Her eyes gleamed with joy,
How beautifully he read
His daughter’s mind,
And I saw in his eyes, that sparkle
Which I had always seen in your’s!

You could always read, what is unwritten
And listen perfectly to
The unheard voices of my mind.
Today, when I see them both
Trodding away happily,
I love to think
How gayly we spent
Our time together!

I remember clearly, the way
You lulled and fondled me,
Playing foolish games, the ones
Which I always compelled you to.
In the big sunshine of my life
All I knew was
The cosy warmth of your lap.
But did I know,
This dark gloom would ever fill my life
Hiding you away
Once and for all!

The lovely girl and her dad hurries fast
To reach home well before dark,
Eagerly awaiting them, a mom’s heart,
A sweet home, splendid dinner
And some more perfect joys!

I wish you had been here
To be happy together once again
Our sweet home now
Is filled with broken hearts and stagnant air
I wish you mend them,
To return the fragrance of these hearts.

When out of my trance, I know,
I have lost you, just as
A flower wilting away,
In death, loses forever
The fragrance of itself!

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