Saturday, March 19, 2011

In Memory of a Little Sister!

 picture courtesy:internet

    ( Dedicated to our sweet little Shweta, who lives forever in our memories)

In memory of a little sister
I write these lines,
Far away from us,
Wherever you are
These words will speak
The love and care of our hearts!

I know,
You will not see the tears in our eyes,
You will not hear the grief in our tone,
You will not feel the coldness of our touch,
Miles apart,
You still are the Little Princess of our hearts,
And will always be, forever long!

With all your merry ways and childish pranks,
Your happy face
And happy happy mind,
You did spread a thousand smiles around!
Pleased was God with your ways
And opened up the Heavenly gates!

Sweet little sis, who
Now lives in eternal bliss,
The voice of our hearts cry out,
You are forever Remembered,
Forever Loved..!!

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