Sunday, June 5, 2011


To think of the by-gone days
Brings tears in my eyes,
For the joys of the past
Are never to repeat!

Somewhere in a fair of life
I lost grip of your hand,
And amidst the maddening crowd
I stood, anxious and perturbed!

Never again could I sight
The hand that I lost
And my calls for you
All ended in vain!

Years have passed,
The fair is gone
Yet these cheeks are wet,
Soggy with my tears for you!

I have wept all day and night
Longing for
The love in your heart, and
The warmth of your closeness!

I know not whether
You see me from the unknown
Or hear, the
Innermost voices of my heart

But all I know is that
Across the barriers of life
I miss you forever, more
Than even my letters can speak!