Tuesday, January 17, 2012


(Based on Linda Cheng’s painting)

The lot of coloured veils
All draped around her neck,
Red, black and blues -
Culture, society and mores!

Her azure eyes share
The profundity of her being,
Oceans roaring inside her
And a raging storm within!

Those lips are of a scarlet tinge
Both of them tightly zipped
A rebellion of words dying inside,
The colour of ‘sin’ not to repeat!

Green, cream, and a coloured pink,
Of life, a numberless more,
Gleaming and not yet dead
Burdens upon her brows!
Her radiant face
A golden sunshine,
Shimmering inside her veils,
And those soggy cheeks
Nothing but a crimson red
Marred by the indelible scars
Life’s persecution of
Femininity, womanhood and love!

Swaying in the gentlest breeze
Her youth, its endless quest
A little face drooping down
 The wilted flower at early dawn?

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