Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Love Story!

I knew not of love
When I was five or six,
The tenderness of childhood
Sharing its warmth.

We grew up together,
Me and her, my childhood sweetheart,
Sharing our toys
And sharing our joys,
Sharing our gains
And sharing our pains!

 I know not when
I started loving her,
 My growing self indeed knew
Yes, I’m in love with her,
And perhaps I read the same
In her twinkling eyes!

Yet she spoke little of it
I blame her not
And we shared our love
 In the silence of our eyes.

Years rolled by,
My childhood sweetheart
Now, a beautiful young maiden
Never did utter her love
Nor did I wish to spell it out
For her most gentle heart .

The day of her wedding came
And the celebrations rocked our home,
She blushed in joy and delight
And her rosy cheeks ever more rosy,
The mangal-sutra in her neck
The moment of her utmost bliss!

Her husband was a gem of hearts,
A childhood friend of ours
We knew him ,
As clear as a crystal
So much radiant and pure,
Together we became the thickest of friends,
The three of us!

Quite often we shared
A letter or two, a day-out or call,
The story of caring and sharing
As good as ever.

I did not stop loving her
Even when the bonds of marriage
Locked her in,
For love knows no ends,
Boundaries or depths!

My untold love did not hurt,
Till fate had its cruelest turn,
He was killed,
My truest friend,
Her soul mate, and love!

On his funeral day,I heard
The glass bangles on her wrists
Shattering into pieces,
The sound of our broken hearts.
They poured pots of water on her head,
Washing away the blood-red suhag
And with it,
The joys of her life forever.
Her pallid countenance,
As white as her dress,
She, the widow of a young man,
His children on her lap.

She talked of memories,
Of a joyful time in the past,
Of him, the essence of her life,
And of love and love-lost!

Her grief pierced through my heart,
That endless sorrow hurt me,
“O my love, such agonizing pain,
I can’t bear to see
So much distress in your heart” ,

Her pale young face now,
The woe of my nights,
And her deep disturbing despair,
An endless ache,
I wished to say
Atleast for once in my life,
“Lend me your hand,
I shall hold it tight                                               
For the rest of our lives,
No more shall sorrow be yours
Till I breath my last! ”

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