Monday, January 16, 2012


Times have changed, people too.
The tender warmth of childhood never knew
That hearts could break
And blood would freeze,
That in the heavy crowd
I’d feel so very lonely!
Looking back, I realise
The foolishness of being
The profundity of my soul
Shattering off, into mere
Pieces, pieces and more pieces!
Thoughts of the Greek Necessity
Visiting me more often now,
Yet I cling on, only for
Those luminous remnants
In the blinding darkness of my heart!
Yes, there lies deeper still
Corners which haven’t turned grey,
Memories of the good old times
When life had been so gay!
When the world
Talks of Nostalgia
It is your face
That rushes to my thoughts,
Those lovely times,
The beautiful Sunshine of my life,
Forever fresh, forever fragrant
The Eternal Bliss too shortlived!

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