Friday, January 31, 2014


“Zammilooni zammilooni...Zammilooni..”
The song repeated in a loop on the music player. The singer cries at the top of his voice:
“Cover me with a shroud.. O cover me! “
She has been listening to no other song for so many days. She was completely lost in a trance. A strange serenity had come over her. There was no sorrow, no happiness. Only an unknown calmness. Like the one before a raging storm!
Yes. The time has come. She has to do it.
The strings of immortality shall then hum the music of her love forever.
The train was almost empty as most of the passengers had got down in the last junction. It was now crossing a bridge. Her mind too.
Right from her childhood she had listened to the stories of ultimate joys that death would bring. Yet, all through her life it had only haunted her.
And now, it was her chance. To assert her ultimate choice. To rejoice sipping from the ethereal cup!

She did not bother anymore about the shady past or the dubious future.
Nobody knew. 
She did not want to speak about it.
Not even to him. 
For, she feared that words may desecrate the sanctity of her love.

She knew that the magic of silence reverbrated through her every vein. Silence that had taught her the best lessons of her life. She wanted to walk through the path of silence to the eternity of her love.
In death. In silence.
To the land of her heart’s burning desire.
To the empyrean paradise, that of  Love!

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