Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Song of Love!

In my heart’s gentle cage
I have locked you
Far too deep
Bound by shackles of iron-like faith
So that in life
Lights you shall never find.
Ah! Look who’s talking
Of a life illumined aplenty.
Yea. The lights.
This light has blinded me
Of a love so-called!
It pains my eyes.
It blocks my sight.
And in the middle of it
Look what I have lost.
I have lost you
And my dreams
And time’s countless cheers.
I dare not to look back
I dare not to look at what I may find.
Love and only love.
Yes. Our love.
Love that shall haunt
Much like ghosts of a deadly past,
Yet breathing so hard
Every day. Every night.

  And when the world slips
Into a silence of slumber,
It sings lullabies
Those that I so much dread.
I fear the tune.
I fear the score.
I fear every note of it.
In all of them I hear
Songs of love.
Yes. My love.
Our love.
Songs that shall go on
Now and forever!

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