Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I carry dreams
She says!
I'm a dreamer
That's what I call me!
A dreamer you are?
The world looks in doubt.
Yes, happiness I carry!
My bag is full
Full of smiles I share!
Oh darling! Such venom you carry,
What you call dreams
Those poisoned apples in your satchel
Leave it here,
Give it to me
Throw it far away for good!
Throw it away for good?
Oh no! Don't break my heart.
I shall keep them safe
Safe from every evil.
You devil, listen! your
Dreams shall make you
The worst of sinners
Those colourful dreams
Shall make you sin!
Oh reader, do you see
The happy smile
That slowly fades?
I don't, oh which smile?
Ask the readers!
Did you forget, oh reader,
The satchel full of happy smiles?
I see an empty bag
The girl kneeling down,
Sunken eyes, lifeless smile!
You looked too late, oh reader,
She has thrown them
Away for good!
Oh my darling! Look now,
Can't you see
The most beautiful sights,
Beauty? She wondered.
I have heard it once,
Oh what do they call?
Routine, yea routine,
And not joy.
May be I am wrong,
She thought,
My dreams, they
Might have tricked!
Let me call it joy
Joy as they have called it!
The routine in joy
The joy in routine,
She thought!
Soon to forget
The colourful dreams
The happy smiles!
Oh look there,
The girl is there again,
The girl with the big satchel!
Smile on her face
Weight in her bag,
Let me look into her bag
Just a glance
Curious I am
As curious as you, the reader!
Oh alas! What weight she carries,
Heavy too much
For the little girl in her!
Listen oh reader,
Murder it is
To kill the dreamer girl,
In the name of joy
You looted her,
Her satchel now
Heavy with lifeless dreams

And stoic smiles!

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