Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Shiuli, the flower commonly known as Coral jasmine, Parijat or Pavizhamalli. Several myths revolve around this beautiful flower. A popular one among this is that of princess Parijataka who set herself ablaze unable to bear the sorrow of her unrequited love to Sun. According to mythology, Shiuli tree grew from her ashes. Legend has it that Shiuli blooms at night and falls in the morning unable to face its lover, the Sun! Probably that's why it's aptly known as the 'Tree of Sorrow'!

An attempt to portray Shiuli's grief in words!

 Once more as Shiuli trees bloom
My heart is nothing but an empty room,
The gentle breeze, mild fragrance it spreads
Essence of its soul, my heart dreads!
The night of the full moon
Like happiness gone away too soon,
Shiuli in its full bloom
Unaware, of its impending doom!
In first rays at the crack of dawn
Shiuli's death I mourn,
An ignorant lover's fate
Did the wilted flower await!


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