Monday, December 12, 2016

Swatting a Fly!

Looking forward to an exceptionally hectic work day when others would be happily enjoying the weekend can give you really crazy ideas to get over it. This feeling made me think that I should probably try my hand at absurdist poetry to get over the weekend blues. No logic, no reason, just poetry. And here it is:

I swatted a fly!
Really? Came the reply.
With my two fingers,
Right in the middle.
Liar, they called in disbelief!
I swatted again,
Their claims no good bargain!
They gaped in awe
At my enviable feat
For now, I proved invincible!

P.S. The poem is my take on how the desire to gain social acceptance lies behind even the simplest things we do. Having swatted flies perfectly between two fingers, the protagonist feels a sense of invincibility. In retrospect, this is very much like the race that everyday life is. At a later point of time, all this may prove really absurd just like the swatting of a fly.
All credits for the idea behind this poem goes to my colleague and friend Uday Singh Rana whose post I chanced upon while browsing Facebook. Mind it, he managed to perfectly swat not one but two flies between his fingers. He even has a photo to prove the same. Kudos to you, Uday!

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